One of the most down-to-earth guys and one of the best musicians you will ever meet. He can play anything with strings. He will definitely be in Nashville someday.”

— Fan

Expect Justin Walden to strum the mando, banjo and more when he releases an EP at Tampa's Blue Note.”

Ray Roa


Justin Walden grew up in East Tennessee playing bluegrass and country music. His dad taught him guitar, songwriting, and extensive vocal training. Among the many instruments he plays are: guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, and piano. Justin performs with his band in the Tampa Bay Area and has 15 years experience performing, teaching, songwriting, and session work. His latest single Meet Me in Nashville from his self-titled EP (2018) is being played on Country radio stations in the Bay Area.

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Band Members

Justin Walden - Lead Electric, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, and Lead Vocals

Derek Brightwell - Bass Guitar


DNA of a Bass Guitarist 

My first memories of playing music are piano lessons, when I was in third grade. At the age of 12, I started learning to play guitar. When I was 17, I added bass guitar to my line up. Th the older I became, I realized it was part of my DNA, and that as long as I'm breathing, I must play the bass.  The piano and guitar provided a great starting place for my transformation into a bass guitarist.

As an early adult, communicating with my bass guitar (creating emotion, feel, and groove) became my passion! I love the role of being a sideman, as a bass guitarist! Many don't realize the great importance of the bass guitar in music. As I play, I am providing the foundation of presence, depth, groove, and strong emotion for the band to build on.  As a team, the band creates mental and emotional memories that fans live to relive!

In my mid twenties, I taught guitar and started my own business called Children's Music Shop.  I went to child care centers, and with a children's guitar, and many small percussive hand instruments, I helped create love for music, with children. During this time, I wrote children's music and performed the songs, at the childcare centers.

Two music philosophies I strongly adhere to are "you hear music, however, you feel the bass."  The other is - "the bass player determines the chord the band is playing!" (Sting) These techniques are part of my trademark sound.

Steve Wilkinson - Drums

Donald Burns - Rhythm Electric Guitar

Born in Indiana, Donald's roots lie deep in traditional Country music. Having penned songs for successful artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus and Gene Watson, Donald continues his professional songwriting career, writing, and performing in various venues nationwide.

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